Reducing Our Footprint

At Mother Earth Essentials, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, as well as growing our business in an ecologically responsible manner. we are continually learning how to incorporate green practises into our business.

  • Our line of hotel amenities feature state of the art recyclable (non-virgin) plastics that biodegrade in 2 years as opposed to traditional plastics that take 1000 (As these bottles become available in other sizes/styles, we will be utilizing them for all our products)
  • On labels are printed on recycled paper.
  • Our products are biodegradable and not harmful to the environment
  • We pack our shipments with recycled paper and we re-use our boxes then recycle them. We often use and re-use boxes from other companies.

Alarming Facts:: Alberta/Canada

  • More than 80 per cent of Alberta's native grasslands have been ploughed under & turned into cropland during the past century.
  • Roughly 75% of the wetlands around Calgary and Edmonton were eliminated by 1966.
  • In the last 50 years, it is estimated that about 60 % of wetlands in the aspen parkland have been drained (Alberta Water Resources Commission 1990), and over 90 % of wetlands in the prairie & parkland have now been modified by agricultural activities (Turner et al. 1987).
  • Only 20% of the world's original forests remain intact. Canada contains 1/3 of what is left
  • At last count, there were 340 species of plants & animals in Canada, including 41 in Alberta, that are vulnerable, threatened or endangered. Twenty seven of those are either extinct or extirpated (no longer found in this country). And those represent only the species that have been assessed thus far by a government appointed committee of scientists.

Alarming Facts:: World

  • Rainforests once covered 14% of the earth's land surface; now they cover a mere 6% & experts estimate that the last remaining rainforests could be consumed in less than 40 years.
  • Nearly half of the world's species of plants, animals & micro organisms will be destroyed or severely threatened over the next quarter century due to rainforest deforestation.
  • Experts estimate we are losing 137 plant, animal & insect species every single day due to rainforest deforestation. That equates to 50,000 species a year.
  • As the rainforest species disappear, so do many possible cures for life-threatening diseases. Currently, 121 prescription drugs sold worldwide come from plant-derived sources.
  • 25% of Western pharmaceuticals are derived from rainforest ingredients, less that 1% of these tropical trees & plants have been tested by scientists.
  • Most medicine men & shamans remaining in the Rainforests today are 70 years old or more. Each time a rainforest medicine man dies, it is as if a library has burned down.

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