What Makes Mother Earth Essentials Unique?

  1. Our #1 priority is to offer a superior line of beautifully scented skin care products, healing salves, lotions, shampoos, baby care, essential oils, etc. at affordable prices.
    • When you purchase our products, you are paying for high quality ingredients; not for hidden costs such as expensive advertising campaigns, staffing, factory costs, store front rentals, sales commission, etc. Many companies must recover these hidden costs by inflating their prices & using fillers such as water & mineral oils as the main ingredient in their products.
    • MEE is a family owned & operated, home based company located on a picturesque farm in beautiful Lac. St. Anne County. We have very little overhead & pass these savings on to our customers. We only use the finest essential oils, real grains, berries & medicinal plants that Mother Earth provides.
  2. Our goal is to provide safe, natural & organic products at affordable prices.
    • Our products do not contain harmful parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfates, mineral oils, or talc.
    • Many of our ingredients are hand picked on our land ensuring they are herbicide & pesticide free. (Why Organic)
  3. We are 100% Aboriginal owned & operated offering authentic aboriginal products to a wider audience.
    • We have respectfully incorporated thousands of years of traditional Aboriginal knowledge in all of our products.
    • We have carefully designed our packaging to expose people to the beauty of the Aboriginal culture. Our labels articulate some of the traditional uses of medicinal plants, as well as introducing some of the ancient legends that have been passed down for generations
    • We follow the aboriginal protocols set out by our Elders when handling all of the sacred plants (Our Story)
  4. A portion of our proceeds help fund our annual culture camps, promoting the preservation of traditional Aboriginal knowledge & culture. (Workshops & Culture Camps)