Our Story

Mother Earth Essentials is 100% Aboriginal owned and operated. Our mission is to introduce traditional Aboriginal knowledge of herbs, botanicals and scents to a worldwide audience through our high quality bath line. Our goal is to use 100% natural ingredients, the finest essential oils, real grains, berries, medicinal, and ceremonial plants that Mother Earth provides. We create hand made, environmentally friendly bath products imparting the scents and healing properties of nature.

The passion behind Mother Earth Essentials grew through our deep respect for Aboriginal culture, ceremonies, and traditions. As a young girl, I remember gathering plants & berries with my Grandmother while she shared her stories & understanding of traditional plants and their uses.  My husband and I have gained valuable experience working as teachers in Aboriginal Education for approximately 15 years. Mother Earth Essentials has proven to be the creative outlet enabling us to incorporate our passions for nature and the preservation of Aboriginal practices into our vocation. 

We have always been frustrated by the general public’s lack of awareness regarding the significant contributions Aboriginal people have made in the areas of plants & their medicinal uses. The pharmaceutical industry currently utilises over 200 plants traditionally used by Aboriginal people for thousands of years. 

With over 15 years of experience in the cosmetic industry, I never came across any product that utilized Aboriginal knowledge.  I wanted to bring beautiful scents such as Sweetgrass, Sage, Wild mint, Wild rose, berries, and Cedar to the general public. Every label on our product contains the stories of the plants and their traditional uses. Combining our passion for nature, education, & aboriginal knowledge, along with my experience in cosmetics, Mother Earth Essentials was born. 

We are located in the county of Lac. St. Anne, home of the world-renowned Aboriginal Pilgrimage, deemed as one of the six most spiritual places in the world. We are situated in a secluded wilderness setting, where we grow & gather many of the traditional plants used in our products.  We integrate Aboriginal practises such as fishing, hunting, berry picking, canoeing and animal husbandry into our daily lives. Through our lifestyle & our business, we strive to reconnect with Mother Earth with hopes of finding our “Sacred Balance”.              


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