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Considered a pesky weed by most, the Dandelion is a treasured medicine by herbalists for common ailments today. Dandelion flowers, leaves and roots all find their way into the herbal medicine chest and have a number of benefits to offer. The whole plant is used to make medicine and has broad tonic effects on several systems of the body. Dandelion benefits digestion by stimulating digestive juices and liver function, promoting the flow of bile. Its leaves assist the kidneys, removing excess body fluids and Dandelion also has a tonic and laxative effect in the intestinal tract . It is high in vitamins and minerals too, especially Vitamin A, which makes Dandelions generally quite nutritious. Dandelion's effect toward improving organ function has the overall benefits of detoxification. Through efficient removal of wastes from the body the blood is cleansed of impurities and overall benefits are apparent in vitality, resistance to disease, and weight management.

MEE products containing Dandelion

Preserving Traditional Knowledge

A portion of all of our sales helps fund our cultural awareness sessions – such as Cree classes, Medicinal Tea Blending, Crafts, etc., designed to promote the preservation of traditional Aboriginal culture and knowledge. These sessions will take place at our new Edmonton location store opening in April 2013. Check back – or LIKE us on Facebook to receive updates!

About Mother Earth Essentials

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Welcome to Mother Earth Essentials where we utilize traditional Aboriginal knowledge to create beautifully handcrafted bath products (sweetgrass, cedar, wild mint sage, tobacco and wildrose/cranberry soaps, lotions, bath salts, shampoo, footbalm, candles, etc.) imparted with the scents and healing properties of Mother Earth. These sacred plants have been used in our culture for thousands of years and it’s only with permission from our Elders that we bring this Aboriginal Knowledge to a wider audience. Our company is 100% Aboriginal owned and operated. Learn more about our Culture Camps.

Reducing Our Footprint

Our line of hotel amenities feature state of the art recyclable (non-virgin) plastics that biodegrade in 2 years as opposed to traditional plastics that take 1000 years. Read more about our practices...

Look for Mother Earth Essentials hotel amenities featured in Sawridge Hotels throughout Alberta.

What's New?

What's New?

Sweetgrass Soap


Sweetgrass is one of the four sacred plants given to Aboriginal people & represents the northern direction of the Medicine Wheel. It is used as a ceremonial smudge allowing us to communicate with the Spirit World, carrying our prayers to the Creator.


On Special

Walk With Our Sisters

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At Mother Earth Essentials, we believe so strongly in the Walking With Our Sisters initiative, we decided to create a special tea blend and to donate all the profits from the sales to it. All profits from the sale of this tea will be donated to Walking With Our Sisters.


Entrepreneur Carrie Langevin Celebrates Aboriginal Culture

Avenue Magazine article by Leslie MacDonald

Carrie Langevin Receives The 2013 Business Award of Distinction
for Aboriginal Woman Entrepreneur
from the Alberta Chambers of Commerce

Sweetgrass Article by Sandy Arndt

MEE Retail Store Now Open!

12306 – 111 avenue in Edmonton. 
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Walking With Our Sisters Medicinal Tea Blend

$20.00 - All profits from the sale of this tea will be donated to Walking With Our Sisters.

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